Package of activities to raise consumer awareness concerning the content of hazardous chemical substances in products

Period: 27.12.2012 – 15.01.2014

Аim: Activities aimed at raising competence level and awareness of different consumer groups and the public concerning the content hazardous chemical substances in products (cosmetics, products for children, means to care for kitchen, auto cosmetics and etc.).


  • Informing of various groups of consumers, public organizations on the content of hazardous chemicals in products of daily using and about opportunities for change of consumer habits.
  • Initiation of training programs at pilot schools, training of young teachers and campaign initiation for pupils.
  • Strengthening of cooperation between the Belarusian and Baltic public organizations for the joint solution of the problems connected with use of hazardous chemicals.
  • To promote active dialogue of the public and government on safety issues of products.

Target groups: Representatives of non-profit organizations: ecological, educational, engaged in health care and protection of consumers; young teachers, students, pupils, young mothers, representatives of producers and sellers of building materials, representatives of government.

The main activities:

  • Carrying out information meetings, trainings, seminars for target groups on the treatment hazardous chemical substances, their classification, the contents in various products, potential threat for health and environment, change of consumer habits.
  • Preparation and publication of information materials, pocket guides for consumers on certain types of products and the content of hazardous substances.
  • Information about the activities on the organization`s web-site.
  • Meetings with the international public organizations for exchange of information and experience, participation in the international seminars, trainings and conferences on regulation of the treatment of hazardous chemicals, their contents in products, informing of consumers.

Partners: IPO "Ecopartnership", Belarusian Society for Consumers Protection, Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia, Estonia

Financial support: Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia

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