Development of the local self-government potential for sustainable tourism in three rural communities in Belarus

Project period: 01.04.2010 - 31.12.2010 

Project aims: development of local activity in three local communities, teaching strategic marketing for implementation local strategies of sustainable development and sustainable tourism.  

Project participants: representatives of three rural communities in Belarus: Disnenskiy town soviet, Ananichskiy, Dukorskiy and Beloozerskiy village soviets, representatives of governmental and nongovernmental sectors. 

Project activities:

1. Inception meeting. The objectives, the methodology, the timing and the work plan of the project as well as the expected results; the roles and responsibilities of each partner and the budget were discussed in details. 

2. Publication of brochures. Brochures contain general information about the project, activities dedicated to sustainable development, information for tourists: "Disna County", "Beloozersk land", "ADUnation land".

3. Conference and seminar “Sustainable development of rural areas: experience of Belarus and Poland”. Approaches to the development of sustainable tourism and system of working out strategic marketing were presented. 

4. Working out three websites with the aim to present communities – their regions, history, geography, natural sights and work on sustainable development.

Disna town -
Dukorskiy and Ananichskiy village soviets -
Beloozerskiy village soviet -

5. Training on Project writing and management, updating of website.

6. Three workshops on small private economic activities dedicated to the development of local activity, stimulating motivation of local people to sustainable development of the territory. 

7. Three local workshops: Community Action Plan on sustainable tourism. It gave instruments for joint work on action plan of sustainable development, sustainable tourism, promotion of local products and tourist services.

8. Evaluation meeting.