Schoolchildren had been told how their City Saves the Climate of the Planet

More than 40 educational establishments conducted information hours on energy and climate. Schoolchildren were told that their cities have joined the European initiative "Covenant of Mayors" and contribute to the saving of the earth’s climate.

For conducting information hours on the topic "Our city saves the climate of the planet," IPO "Ecopartnership" prepared an informative text about the causes and results of climate change, as well as information on the participation of particular cities in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. After the session, participants were photographed with an poster in order to send pictures to the organizers of the campaign.

All photo reports have been published on the website for teachers and on social networks.

Teachers who have conducted information hours, will receive a gift of  children's books "The planet has a high temperature" from the IPO "Ecopartnership".

Educational establishments from the cities that have joined the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy were offered to take part in the campaign. The action was supported by 8 cities: Ashmiany, Chausy, Novogrudok, Mogilev, Ivje, Orsha, Vilejka, Polotsk.

According to the estimates of the organizers over 7000 schoolchildren took part in the information hours.



20 December 2016